Sunday, August 31, 2014

The ghost of you keeps me awake...

Swag Fest Open Now
Kustom 9 Open Now

Shape & Skin - DeeTaleZ Delicious Elly
Hands - Slink Hands Female Smoking
Hair - Moon Hair Insect Religion Naturals 2 @ Swag Fest
Hair Base - Illmatic Smoothed Baby Hairs
Eyebrows - Buzz Amelia Eyebrow Brunettes
Eyelashes - FelinaFey Happy Eyes
Eyes - Song Lollipop Brown Eye
Mouth - DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing
Eyeliner - Buzz Royale Liner
Beauty Marks - Nox Sunspots Two

Cigarette - Nikotin Haters <3 Me COMMAN GACHA
Nose Ring - CF Diamonds Rock Nose Ring
Bag - Attic Robber Bag Black Leather COMMAN GACHA @ Kustom 9

Top - Dappa Doxy Crawnecks Too Young To Die @ Swag Fest
Pants - Dappa Azalea Leggings Plaid @ Swag Fest
Shoes - J's Studded Long Boots Black

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