Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Save the Ta-Ta's for Breast Cancer Awareness...

Shape & Skin - DeeTaleZ Delicious Holly
Hands - Slink Hands Female Casual
Feet - Slink Feet Female High
Hair - Little Bones Girl Ombres&Roots @ No21
Eyebrows - Moon After It All Eyebrows
Eyelashes - FelinaFey Happy Eyes
Eyes - Song Anim Blue Eye @ Kustom 9
Mouth - DeeTaleZ Teeth&Tongue Piercing
Eyeliner - Buzzeri Royale Liner
Sunspots - Nox Sunspots Four
Lipstick - Pink Acid City Slicks Cherry Red

Top - IAF Save The Ta-Ta's Top Style 3
Shorts - ISON Pleated Shorts Black
Shoes - Co57 Joyce Peeptoe Naked @ Kustom 9

50% of sales from IAF's Ta-Ta's Top goes to Breast Cancer Awareness UK

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