Monday, September 21, 2015

Catwa Mesh Head Review

Hiii everyone, this is my first every blog post reviewing a mesh head and im excited!!! Catwa has brought out there first mesh head and she is sooo pretty! At first i was like eeekkk as im not very good at trying new things but Catwa has made the procedure very easy to learn and understand and ill try my very hardest to give the best review to help use understand your purchase better :D

Ok first i will start with once you unpack your item you will find a Hair base HUD, Head HUD, Head Jessica. Head Jessica Materials, Catwa Shape (Must Wear) & an Alpha Layer for Head & Eyes, I wore the alpha and Head Jessica Materials, I matched the skin pretty easy with the Maitreya Default Skins wuuu but im sure there will be a lot of appliers by your fav skin designers soon enough :)

Next up is the Hair Base HUD, has an option to be bald which is what i started with first just to give you an idea of just the head itself. The HUD itself is filled with options of all the different hair base colors you can choose from, here is just one of the colors from the HUD you can pick just as an example of what the hair base actually looks like..

Hair base & Hair base HUD

Next up we have the actual face HUD and what a brilliant HUD it is! I was so excited when i could see what i could do with it...Down the side you have TABS on what you can work with first...TAB 1 is Animations - There is a power button to turn on & off the talk animation and also a power button to turn on & off the gesture option, Next up is how fast you want to blink! After that is the static eye this has four options including eye open, part closed and then fully closed, Next up is the mood emotions defo had a play around with these and they were great...TAB 2 is Tint, Alpha & Lashes this comes built in with 3 eyelash options already and an apply your own texture option! it has 12 free save slots!! An alpha option to bald either the left or right side of your head, or both at the same time, to alpha the ears and top and bottom lashes then youl find the neck size option so you can find that perfect fit and at the bottom of this TAB is all the tinting options for your skin, hair & lashes...TAB 3 is Eyebrows altho this didn't have any other eyebrow options it does give you 10 free save slots for eyebrows and apply your own texture, makeup is also on this TAB and has 4 pre saved makeup options and a further 16 free save slots! TAB 4 is Lips & Blush, Blush has 3 saved options and 7 free save slots, Lipstick has 8 saved options and a further 12 free save slots, so there is tons of free space to save your fav looks! And last up is TAB 5 which is the skins TAB at the top you will find 8 default skins but it has a further 30! yes 30 free save slots!! This head has tons of possibilities and im so excited for appliers for skins and makeups but even still this head is beautiful with its own eyebrows, eyelashes and makeup, I hope you have enjoyed reading this review as much as i have put it together, Happy Shopping folks and a big thanks to Catwa <3 

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